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Has it been a while since the last time your hearing aids were re-programmed? Have hearing aids that you were given or inherited?  Let us help determine whether they can be re-programmed to suit your hearing needs.


We offer individual cards of batteries as well as battery plans for all types and sizes of batteries.   

Clean & Check

Hearing aids should be cleaned an checked regularly to ensure that they are providing the benefit that they should.  Let us clean and check your hearing aids today.

Real Ear Verification

Let us verify that your hearing aids are giving you the audibility that they should.   If we find that they are not on target, we can quickly adjust your hearing aids for maximum performance.


Accidentally drop your hearing aids or walk into the shower with them?  Bring them to us instead of putting them in a drawer.  They may be still under warranty, or be able to be repaired for a lot less than the cost of new hearing aids.

Replacement Parts

Break a receiver wire or need a new battery door?  Most replacement parts can be ordered to get your hearing aids back into working order.  


Need supplies for your hearing aids?  We stock many different styles of domes, wax traps, and  retention wires from the major manufacturers.  Not sure which parts you may need?  Give us a call or make an appointment so that we can help.

Extended Warranties

Did you know that you can purchase extended warranties for your hearing aids? Most manufacturers offer extended hearing aid and loss and damage warranties that can be purchased before the end of existing warranties.  Outside of the warranty period?  Consider private insurance options to protect yourself against accidental damage, breakdown, theft, and loss.       

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